Read more about monitoring features and how to use them.

How can I monitor my miners from mobile phone?

Yes, You can monitor your asic miners any time and from anywhere just by opening your Mineitor panel in your mobile phone. All you need is an internet connection. No need to use static IP in farm or setting up VPN tunnels or applications like Anydesk, remote desktop, ...

What data I will be able to monitor with Mineitor?

You can easily monitor and see all the data and information that your miners provides like current working hashrate, average hashrates, device temperature, hash modules temperature, pool informations, hardware and software errors, ...

Can I access my miner's control panel?

With Mineitor Remote Panel feature you also can easily open your devices web panel directly inside your Mineitor panel without compromising your farm's security.Read more →

What data and information have charts?

You can see the multiple charts for each of your devices Hashrate and Temperature and your whole farm's average Hashrate and temperature. Charts are available in realtime, last 5 hours, last 24 hours, and last 3 months timeframes.

How can I automate monitoring process of devices?

You can use Mineitor's multiple features and functionalities to automate the monitoring of your devices and taking proper actions based on rules you define. With Schedulers you can define rules and actions to be executed automatically. For example you can define a rule to check hashrate of devices every 10 minutes and restart the device if it's hashrate drops below a specific number or if it's temperature raises above a specific number.