Getting started

Get familiar with Mineitor's Asic mining farms management and monitoring services.

What is Mineitor?

Mineitor is an ASIC farm remote management, control, and monitoring platform that offers you different monitoring and control options with any ASIC mining devices. Read more →

What are the supported ASIC miners brands?

Mineitor supports all popular Asic Miner brands, including Bitmain Antminer, Whatsminer, Ebang, Avalon, Innosilicon, BlackMiner, Chitaminner, Hiveos, Braiins OS, etc. Even if your device is not currently supported, don't worry just send us a ticket, our technical team will add them to supported devices list in a short time and for free.

What are the hardware and operating system requirements?

Required hardware to use the Mineitor platform is not so complex or expensive one, you just need a PC or Raspberry Pi in your farm to install our controller program.. Read more →

How do I monitor my asic farm miners and how does the Mineitor works?

It’s so easy, you should just setup controller in your farm and connect it to your farm's local network (e.g through a switch) and then open your dashboard and monitor your devices.

How to register on Mineitor?

The first step to start using Mineitor is to register for free and start enjoying 1 month free trial. Read more →

Is the security of the service guaranteed?

When picking on new features, the safety of your mining operation comes first. Security has always been our first priority in designing this system. In the Mineitor planform, all security issues have been fully observed by the company's cybersecurity expert team, and every effort has been made to prevent all possible sabotage and abuse by using the latest technologies in the world.

Is the license per farm or per Asic devices?

Licenses are per ASIC devices per month. for enterprise farms, get in touch for price and cooperation type.

Is the Mineitor dashboard accessible from a smartphone or laptop?

The admin dashboard is web-based and no need to install any application to your phone or laptop to monitor your devices of farms.