Account management & billing

All you need to know about the free trial, upgrading, extending, and billing.

How much using Mineitor will cost?

After one month free trial you have to pay just 0.6$ per miner every month. We tried to provide best services with best quality for minimum price possible to make it really affordable for our customers. Mineitor has the lowest price on market with the best features that you won't find anywhere else.Read more →

What are the limitations of the free trial?

There is Absolutely no limitation on trial period and can fully use the service and test it's features and functionality before you pay.

Are there any discounts available?

Yes, You will get 10% discount If you extend you subscription for 3 months, 1 Extra free month for 6 months payment, and 2 Extra free months for 12 months payment. We also have a additional special discounts for large scale farms with more than 500 devices. In that case contact us for your special discount.

Will I lose my data if I don't extend my plan?

No, Your devices data history and charts will be deleted after 3 month and you will have access to them till then. After your plan has ended, only you won't get new data and won't be able to apply configurations anymore. And when you extend your plan again your new data will be added to the old data.

Do you offer refunds?

No, we don't offer a refund - instead of that, we do offer a 1 month free trial as an option to try Mineitor. A free plan allows you to test the platform without any limitations. And then decide to extend your plan and pay the subscription fee.

Can I add multiple users that can access my devices?

Yes, you can add as many users you want with different permissions and access levels that can access different devices of your farm. This feature is great for those who provide cloud mining services to their customers. This option is also available for the free plan.

When will my order be processed?

Payments for Mineitor are made through crypto payments. When you place a crypto payment through our crypto precessor (Coindesk) after the transaction confirmation, your order will be processed automatically and your plan will be activated right away. If you have sent your payment after it already expired or you have entered a fee that is not sufficient for the payment to be processed, you will be refunded by the crypto processor. If this doesn't happen automatically (one example when this wouldn't happen automatically is when you are sending money from an exchange and you enter low fee or pay after the order already expired), you will need to contact crypto processor and follow their procedure. The whole payment process is automatic and we cannot manually interfere with it.

Do you offer a referral?

We offer a Mineitor program with 30% recurring referral commissions lifetime. Go to your profile page to learn more.

How are the payouts handled?

Mineitor is mining monitoring and management software. We are not a pool, but you can set up mining on any pool and as you are mining to that pool the pool is the one that provides the payouts to your wallet.

How can I activate 2FA?

Two Factor Authentication allows you to secure your user account security. Setting up a 2FA is highly encouraged. Read more →