Mineitor Provides solution to all of your needs

Get the most out of your mining farm by monitoring it's efficiency

Mineitor  is an all-in-one solution for the remote monitoring and management of  large  and small mining farms with a new method that increases the security of the farm's network.

  • Manage multiple Farms in a single Dashboard

  • Get the overall picture of your farms and miners status

  • Increase the network security of your farm

  • Get the history and charts of your miners and farms performance

  • Apply batch configs and operations of groups of devices

  • Automate operations and tasks

  • Manage users and their access levels

Awesome Design & Great Functionalities

Mineitor will provide you with tools to Organize your miners using groups and sections to make the management of a larger number of miners easier. Visualize data with charts and heat maps and access to device history with one click.

  • Monitor Your Devices

    See the performance of your devices over time. Get notifications on pool change or faulty devices in real-time & customize how you get notified.

  • Management & Remote Access

    Apply and change configurations in batch mode, update devices firmware. Access to the device's web panel in a more secure way.

  • Automate Actions

    Define your own custom rules that execute actions based on your needs. change pools, working frequency or reboot based on conditions, and a lot more ...

Users From Worldwide have Trusted Mineitor

Mineitor supports all ASIC brands and models. We have users From Europe, Asia, America, Africa, and Australia

  • 130k +
  • 9k+
    Registred Users
  • 180 +
    Miners Models
Our Features

All you need in one platform

  • Device Detailes and History

    Access to device history in charts within hours , days or months

  • Charts and Heat map

    Get a visual view of your shelves and devices data

  • User Management

    Manage Access for your team members or your Customers

  • Customized Notifications

    Create your customized alerts and notifications based on your needs and manage how you get them.

  • Batch configs

    Apply configs and set or change pools on a single device or group of devices with the ability to filter your selections

  • Firmware Update

    Update your device's Firmware in batch mode or one by one

  • Groups and Sections

    Create unlimited groups without limitations and watch the status of them in one view. define your shelves or containers or salons and manage by locations

  • Automation and Schedule

    Create actions and jobs that execute in intervals based on your defined conditions and your selected devices

  • Remote Browser

    Access your devices web panel directly from Mineitor Dashboard with just One Click but in a more secure way than the old ways

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Manage your workflow and Maintenance

Track Maintenance of your device and Automate Maintenance requests .

Manage your preventive maintenance by categories and locations.

 Assign  Maintenance responsible person and technician's for sections and farms

Create Maintenance task and assign it to responsible user with a click 

View your daily maintenance tasks and overdue tasks by priority.

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