ASIC Miner Monitoring

Best Tool for Managing & Monitoring ASIC mining Farms

Quick and Easy installation.

Mineitor's awesome features

Powerful tools Best price for miner monitoring

Monitoring & Alerting

Get Alerts and Notifications if anything happens in your farm and customize how and when to get notified.

Scheduled actions

Create actions/jobs with customizable timing to be executed based on the device's state.

Remote browsing

Get direct access to the device's web panel from anywhere with every action getting logged in your panel.

Bulk operations

Apply configurations and settings to the miners in batches with fully customizable groups.

User management

Create multiple users and manage the read and write access for teammates and customers.

shelves Heat Map

Get an Overall view of your mining shelves temperature to find overheated spots or miners.

Easily manage and monitor your mining farm

Automated Actions
Change pool configurations
Change working frequency and overclock/underclock
Define sections, groups, and locations 
control farm remotely from your phone
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Increase the Security of your Mining Farm

Log Every Action
Remove Direct access
Manage access and users
Log miner's web panel activities
Remove Open ports and extra software
Secure access with two-factor authentication
Get Notified on every event like pool changes
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For bigger farms

Special Services for Large scale Farms to improve their business

We are ready to set up local servers or dedicated online servers that are private for you and your company. With our unique features Configure your Workflows and Manage Customers or team members, With Mineitor's ASIC monitoring software specially crafted features for large-scale farms.

Maintenance and Repair

track requests and schedule preventive maintenance easily with a user-friendly interface.

Advanced user management

Manage Access with rules. define access to a specific menu or feature for a group of devices or a farm.

Customization support

Support for adding new features or changes.

Supported Hardware

All Brands And Models Support Guaranteed

Mineitor monitoring software supports all available brands and models, and even if you find a device that is not working with Mineitor ask us and it will be added in 24 hours.

All integrations

Mineitor's Cost

The Pricing is based on total number of your devices (Miners) in farms. And we don't have any commission fee on your miners hashrate, Only the monthly subscription fee. 

  • No commission fees: Just simple single price.
  • No Firmware Modifications needed: It will Work with official firmwares without any changes.
  • Includes everything: All Features is available
  • 100% Automated: Auto detection and configurations.

$0.6 Per Device

  • All Features
  • Multiple Farms
  • Live Support

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