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Getting started

Mineitor is an ASIC farm remote management, control, and monitoring platform that offers you different monitoring and control options with any ASIC mining devices.

Mineitor is proper for both small mining operations and enterprise farms as it offers all necessary features that fit any individual needs. It is free for one month.

It is not a mediator or cloud mining company - this means that you will mine on the pool(s) you have selected with your ASICs and the pool will pay you the coins you mined there.

Mineitor supports all popular Asic Miner brands, including Bitmain Antminer, Whatsminer, Ebang, Avalon, Innosilicon, BlackMiner, Chitaminner, Hiveos, Braiins OS, etc.
Even if your device is not currently supported, don't worry just send us a ticket, our technical team will add them to supported devices list in a short time and for free.

Yes, You will get 10% discount If you extend you subscription for 3 months, 1 Extra free month for 6 months payment, and 2 Extra free months for 12 months payment. We also have a additional special discounts for large scale farms with more than 500 devices. In that case contact us for your special discount.

After one month free trial you have to pay just 0.6$ per miner every month. We tried to provide best services with best quality for minimum price possible to make it really affordable for our customers. Mineitor has the lowest price on market with the best features that you won't find anywhere else. Read more →

When picking on new features, the safety of your mining operation comes first. Security has always been our first priority in designing this system. In the Mineitor platform, all security issues have been fully observed by the company's cybersecurity expert team, and every effort has been made to prevent all possible sabotage and abuse by using the latest technologies in the world.

You can see the multiple charts for each of your devices  Hashrate  and  Temperature  and your whole farm's average Hashrate and temperature. Charts are available in realtime, last 5 hours, last 24 hours, and last 3 months timeframes.You can see them on the top right of your dashboard, or by clicking on each device, in the devices page.

Account management & billing

Currently F2pool, Viabtc, SlushPool,   Poolin and Binance Pool are supported for this feature and this list is growing as we add other pools support. If you use a pool that is not in this list, please contact us so we prioritize adding support for it.

After you have your hardware is ready to mine. You've set up a wallet, The next step is choosing a pool to mine on, in order to observe their earnings. Each pool has its own website panel, Mineitor lets you track earnings without needing to continuously access your pool. You can see the Pool statics information like earning, the Mineitor.  Read more →

With Mineitor, you can manage your devices in bulk with one click. In order to make changes, navigate to the devices  page from the menu.   Filter the devices you desire,then choose change Pool.

You can receive notifications and alerts when pool addresses of a device changes by enabling SMS, mobile notifications or telegram alerts for your farm. You can find that settings in farm's settings page. Also you can lock the farms you want from your dashboard.

Payments for Mineitor are made through crypto payments. When you place a crypto payment through our crypto precessor (Coindesk) after the transaction confirmation, your order will be processed automatically and your plan will be activated right away. If you have sent your payment after it already expired or you have entered a fee that is not sufficient for the payment to be processed, you will be refunded by the crypto processor. If this doesn't happen automatically (one example when this wouldn't happen automatically is when you are sending money from an exchange and you enter low fee or pay after the order already expired), you will need to contact crypto processor and follow their procedure. The whole payment process is automatic and we cannot manually interfere with it.


You don't need to add devices manually. Mineitor is fully automated and should find your miners automatically. If you have a large network or many devices in your Farm it may take a few minutes for first time.

But if your miners are in other range or network than the machine you installed Mineitor then you should add other ip ranges in `farm setting` page.    Read more →

This may happen for several reasons. First make sure the Raspberry Pi or PC that runs the controller program, is up and running and is connected to the same local network of your miners and also have active internet access. If your using PC with windows as operating system to run the controller, make sure that windows firewall won't blocking controllers requests.

If your miners  IP is in a range other than PC itself you need to add IP ranges in farms settings.

e.g. You installed Mineitor on a Machine with ip

Your Miners ip address is

It means your miners is in different range . So you need to add  IP  Subnet

Then if they still are not found, contact us with ticket or live chat. Our support team will check and hopefully resolve the problem as soon as possible. To create a support ticket, Go to your dashboard and click on the Tickets menu on the left sidebar. Or you can submit your request using our Live chat service.

If your configurations takes too long to apply or they fail to apply on devices, first check that the selected models are correct, then if you have changed your devices default username and password, make sure you entered correct username and password in device settings. If the problem still persists, contact our support team with creating a support ticket or using live chat service. Our support team quickly will check and fix the problem.

Mineitor provides the ability to visualize the farm's site map and locations and receive a quick overview of your entire mining activity on a single screen. To open and view sections, navigate to the Farms page. Now click on the    button of the farm you want to Manage Locations.  Read more →

You can add as many users you want with different permissions and access levels that can access different devices of your farm. This feature is great for those who provide cloud mining services to their customers. This option is also available for the free plan.  Read more →

To be able to see the Heat Map of Your devices you need to fully set the location and position of devices. If your shelves and locations are configured go to the section page and find the section which you want to view the shelves heat map. click on   in front of the section and choosefrom the menu.  . Read more →

If your devices are found but their data not showing, first check that the selected models are correct, then if you have changed your devices default username and password, make sure you entered correct username and password in device settings. For editing username and password of devices click on    button in front of the device name. If the problem still persists, contact our support team with creating a support ticket or using live chat service. Our support team quickly will check and fix the problem.

*For Microbt WhatsMiner from M20 series and newer you need to  Activate WhatsMiner API .  Read more →

In some cases that there is a problem in your local network or internet connections, some interruptions may occur that you don't see these on your mining pool because they usually show the average data. But realtime monitoring detects those. If you don't want to get disturbed about this temporary problems, you can increase the time range that Mineitor should wait after a device disconnects then send you a notification. You can change that setting by clicking   button in front of device name or select multiple devices and select "Change settings" from batch actions in bottom of the devices table.

Which minig hardwar are supoorted?

Mineitor supports different ASIC manufacturers and models.

List of ASICs that are officially supported in the latest version of ASIC miners:

Ebang / Bitmain Antminer/ Whatsminer / InnoSilicon / Canaan Avalon / Cheetah Miner / Dragon Mint / Bitfily / Braiins OS / Todek / PandaMiner / Baikal / StrongU / Lovecore / Goldshell
More details of models:  Read more →


NOTE: We don't support GPU rigs  

When you install Mineitor it registers a service in order to start automatically in the background. If you have installed the Mineitor correctly but i n your dashboard,  it shows the farm disconnected, you need to check if the service is registered and is running. For that follow the below instructions:

Type the services in your windows search box, in the opening window search for the Mineitor.   Read more →



All miners' information is visible from the Mineitor panel.  In order to access the device web panel  click on   in front of each device on the devices page. Click on  Remote Browser 

You can use Mineitor's multiple features and functionalities to automate the monitoring of your devices and taking proper actions based on rules you define. With  Schedulers  you can define rules and actions to be executed automatically. For example you can define a rule to check hashrate of devices every 10 minutes and restart the device if it's hashrate drops below a specific number or if it's temperature raises above a specific number. Read more →

With Mineitor Remote Panel feature you also can easily open your devices web panel directly inside your Mineitor panel without compromising your farm's security.

For accessing your miner's web panel just click on   button in front of device  and then " " in devices list page. By clicking this button Mineitor will open a secure connection to your device and will open it's web panel in your browser and you can login and use it's panel with the easiest way possible.

In this method your farm's IP address won't exposed to public and is temporarily only accessible to you.

You don't need any type of NAT, open ports or IP routing for using this feature.

You can monitor your asic miners any time and from anywhere just by opening your Mineitor panel in your mobile phone. All you need is an internet connection. No need to use static IP in farm or setting up VPN tunnels or applications like Anydesk, remote desktop,  Read more →

You can easily monitor and see all the data and information that your miners provides like current working hashrate, average hashrates, device temperature, hash modules temperature, pool informations, hardware and software errors...
You can also see your miners profit and your pool balance by adding your pool to your dashboard. You can find the option of adding your pool in your dashboard.

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Documents on how to install and how to configure your miners to work with Mineitor



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