Mineitor offers new amazing features

Get Pool Hashrate details of the desired farm

With this feature, you can review the total Hashrate based on the active pool of the devices and get the details directly from the Mineitor's dashboard to find out which cryptocurrency is mining and which pool is most active on your farm.

Access this data simply by going to the farm page on your dashboard.

It is available regardless of how many farms you own.

 Get Pool Hashrate details of the desired farm

New reports in the widget section

Mineitor enables two new widgets:

1. Hashrate based on brands.

2 . Hashrate based on models.

You can select your desired report from the widgets page and monitor them on your big screen or monitoring wall.

This will increase accessibility, convenience, and the ability to manage miners quickly, resulting in less time wasted and greater profits.



Mehri Yamini
July 2022