Increase the Security of your Mining Farm



Log Every action 

Mineitor will log every action and configuration for each user by date and time. If anybody changes frequency or pool configuration in your miners it will get logged and can be reviewed later at any time.  Get the history of all actions done for a single miner. Even log Every configuration that is set with the miner's web panel itself. 


Remove dangerous software &Tools

Remote software, outdated routers, VPN servers, open ports, or mistakes may endanger your network and mining farm. Mineitor is an all-in-one simple replacement for the remote monitoring and management solutions available out there with a new method that keeps security in mind. and automated security updates.


Pool Lock 

With Mineitors Pool Lock Feature you will be notified when there is a change in pool configurations of your miners. Also, this feature prevents malware, viruses, or hackers to change the pool address or worker ID of your miners. It means if someone changes the pool setting Mineitor first Tries to prevent the change and even if there is a change it will revert it to the locked state setting.


Harden authentication processes

Security continues to be a key concern for Mineitor users. Administrators can force two-factor authentication on the farm's actions and manage users' access per device or farm with predefined levels