How to change Braiins OS+ Autotuning Option in Batch Mode

Braiins os is an autotuning mining firmware that increases hashrate on Bitcoin mining ASICs, also improves the efficiency as much as 25%, and mine on any pool.
One of the biggest problems of the Braiins operating system is the inability to monitor and manage miners in batch mode. As a result, users must make adjustments to miners one at a time. Usually in large farms with a huge number of miners, each with a different brand and model. It's difficult to manage them because the user must constantly switch between programs.

Mineitor has a feature that allows users to manage several miners with a single click. Can see all brands in one place, grouped together, regardless of what their brands are. All miners' information is visible from the Mineitor panel. You can easily access their panel using Mineitor's remote browser feature. And you can apply different settings and configs in a more secure way.

By selecting this option, you can manage your devices, autotuning parameters, reboot, change device frequency, change Pools, activate/deactivate devices, and upgrade device firmware in batch mode.

In order to make changes, navigate to the  page from the menu.
First, filter the devices you desire ( Braiins OS) and select them. Then click on each element you want to change. e.g. click on the frequency button on the top of the table:

change Braiins OS+ Autotuning

                    In the opening pop-up menu, You can change the frequency of Braiins devices:

                    change the frequency of Braiins devices

                    change the frequency of Braiins devices

                    Autotuning: If you check this box, you need to write the PSU power limit value. It has to be between 100-50000.

                    If not, you need to write the Frequency value e.g. 650. and Voltage value e.g. 8.8.

                    Dynamic Power Scaling: Dynamic Power Scaling automatically lowers the power limit of the miner by a user-set amount if the device reaches the Hot Temperature. Upon reaching the user-set minimal power limit, the miner shuts down in order to cool down. The miner starts to work on the original power limit again after a user-set period of time.
                    If you don't check this box, you need to write the values needed.
                    • Power step: Can hold numeric values (min. 100 and max. 1000), representing the power limit step-down (in Watts), which happens each time miner hits HOT temperature.

                    • Minimum PSU power limit: Can hold numeric values (min. 100 and max. 5000), representing the minimal PSU power limit for the Dynamic Power Scaling. If psu power limit is at min psu power limit level and the miner is still HOT then check the shutdown box.

                    • Shutdown duration:  Miner is shut down for a period of time, defined value (in hours). After that, miner is started but with the initial value of psu power limit (PSU power limit in the Autotuning section).


                    Mehri Yamini
                    February 2022