Activate Api For Whatsminer devices

In order to Enable operations like firmware upgrade, reboot, and pool changes you need to activate Whatsminer Api.

You need to do this only once for Whatminers with firmware versions newer than 20200801 (August 1st 2020 or newer).

Configuration in Whatsminer

  1. WhastminerTool must be used to make the initial configuration on the Whatsminer ASIC
    1. Change the default password for the admin user (API operations is not working with the default password)
    2. The default admin password must be changed.
    3. Enable API operations by selecting miners in WhastminerTool  and click on "Remote Ctrl" choose options "Miner API Switch" and "Enable".

    There is no need to configure anything on Mineitor just Change add the password in Passwords List (Farm Settings) if you have changed the default password.
    Mehri Yamini
    January 2022