Refer your friends and be rewarded

Invite People to Mineitor – get 30% each time he/she purchases.

If you invite your friends, you'll get a commission every time they purchase on Mineitor

How does it work?


Invite friends, contacts, people to register on Mineitor with your referral code by sending an email, posting on social media, or send your personalized link to them.


If someone Register With your link or Referral code and purchase on Mineitoryou receive 30% of payments of the referred person on every purchase! Also, the referred person will get a free additional month of subscription and 10% discount for the first purchase

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To check out your referred accounts and earned credits, visit the profile page in your account. You can withdraw the credits to your BTC wallet every time you want or spend it in Mineitor!

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who registers On Mineitor can participate
in the Referral Program.

  • Who can join the Referral Program?

    Anyone who registers On Mineitor can participate in the Referral Program. Don’t have an account? Set one up here.

  • Where can I find my personalized link?

    Log in to your account and navigate to profile page

  • How many friends can I refer?

    As many as you like! There’s no limit on how many friends you refer.

  • How much credit can I earn?

    There is no limit, regardless of how many people you refer you get your commission. and there is no time limit also. every time your referred person purchases on mineitor you get the commission

  • How can I redeem my credits?

    Go to the profile page of your on the wallet button and withdraw.

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