Installing Ubuntu server/desktop

Before you start, download one of ubuntu iso: (desktop or server)

Ubuntu server image(iso): Direct Link From ubuntu website:Download Now

Ubuntu desktop image(iso): Direct Link From ubuntu website:Download Now

You can follow installation tutorial from ubuntu site:

Ubuntu server install tutorial

Ubuntu desktop install tutorial

Check if internet connection is available then open terminal and execute following command

sudo su -c "bash <(wget -qO-" root

Once the installation is finihed reboot the system

Registering device on Mineitor

  • Go to Mineitor Dashboard , click on `Personal Computer (PC)`

  • Click on `I have installed`
  • Write down your controller serial number in the input field and click on submit button.
  • Note : You can find your controller serial number by pointing your browser url to http://ipaddress-of-controller(Ubuntu)/
  • Note2 : You can find ip address of controller with following command in terminal
  • ip addr show

  • Now wait for controller to connect to Your Mineitor dashboard.