What is Mineitor?

Mineitor is an ASIC farm remote management, control, and monitoring platform that offers you different monitoring and control options with any ASIC mining devices.

It is free for one month. Mineitor is proper for both small mining operations and enterprise farms as it offers all necessary features that fit any individual needs.

Mineitor is not a mediator or cloud mining company - this means that you will mine on the pool(s) you have selected with your ASICs and the pool will pay you the coins you mined there.

ASIC mining and monitoring

For monitoring and control of asic miners we offer 2 options. For running Mineitor controller program in your farm,you could either use a PC or a Raspberry Pi board. For PC with windows as the operating system you should run the controller virtual machine on VirtualBox. And if you have Ubuntu as your operating system you can install the controller with Ubuntu installer script. For information on how to setup controller program with the mentioned methods, go to the Docs page to see the tutorials and guides.

Web panel

Mineitor web panel allows you easily to control your Bitcoin mining devices anytime you want from everywhere you are with our computer, laptop or mobile phone. No need to get a static IP, Setup VPN tunnels, Anydesk, Remote desktops or other programs. No need to change your miners original firmware

What are the main features and benefits of Mineitor?

  • Remote monitoring of asic miners
  • View all data and information of miners
  • Workers list page with all the details, different filtering options for quicker troubleshooting, and bulk actions
  • Easily change pool addresses and apply configurations and changes on devices remotely
  • Batch configurations and actions
  • Get notifications and alerts
  • Working frequency auto tune for most efficient outcome

Charts and history

  • Historical charts for hashrates and temperatures of each device and also the whole farm
  • History and log of all configs applied to devices
  • Pool profit and information in your dashboard


  • Profit and Balance monitoring for your favorite pools and wallets
  • Market cap with price, 24h volume and 24h change for top coins
  • Simple mining profit calculator based on hashrate, BTC price, current difficulty and pool fee.
  • Advanced mining profit calculator for estimating profit over time with considering difficulty increase in that time and ROI.
It's so easy to get started and it's free for first month.

Use Mineitor software and improve your mining operation

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