Section and Location Management 

Learn more how to Setup Shelves and positions.

Sections and Locations:

To open and view sections navigate to Farms page by clicking on   from menu.

Now click on Sections  ) button of a farm you want to manage Locations.

Create Sections:

To create Sections click on  .

A new popup will open. type the name of section and description e.g.  Container1

Click Next and and click   now Select Devices Related to the section and click .

Now Click save. Later after we created the shelf's for this section we can update positions for devices.

Create shelves:

To create shelves in sections page click  in front of section. then click on .

Define Each of available shelves in the section . Name - Row - Column

The above  example in picture will create 2x following structure:

Click submit to save.

Set The Location of Miners:

Now If you Configured Sections and Shelves the final step is to select position for each Miner. To do this there is 2 ways:

1.From Devices Page

2.From Section Page

From Devices Page:

Go To devices page and find the device which you want to set the Location. click on   in front of device and choose  from the menu.

Got through wizard  and select the specific location you want.

From Section Page:

Go To Section page and find the section which you want to set the Location of devices. click on   in front of section and choose from the menu. Click next and in the devices list in front of each device there is a location button (  or ). by clicking the button you can choose the location for that device.

Get Heat Map view:

To be able to see Heat Map of Your devices you need to fully set location and position of devices. Please take look at above steps to configure Locations. Now if your shelves and locations is configured go to section page and find the section which you want to view shelves heat map. click on   in front of section and choose from the menu.