Farms Setting 

Learn more about available farm settings and sections

Farms Setting:

To open each farms setting navigate to Farms page by clicking on   from menu.

Now click on Farm settings (   ) button of a farm you want to access its setting.


1. FarmsName:   Changes the name of the farm in Mineitor.

2. Controller serial number:  Mineitor controller serial number installed on the farm.

3. Device connection event alerts: Configure If device disconnect or connect Alerts works or not. by enabling this events you will be notified on device disconnect or connect.

4. Connected Telegram accounts:   Configure telegram accounts that is going to get alerts for this farm. (read more)

5. Google authenticator settingsEnable 2FA for operation on this farm following operations will need 2FA if you enable this.
Remote Browsing.
Upgrade Firmware.
Change device setting including pool and freq.
Schedule Setting.
6. Passwords listConfigure Password of Devices , Mineitor will user this user/passwords to communicate with devices. (read more)
6. IP ranges: Configure IP Addresses Ranges, If your devices IP is different with the IP range of controller you need to define each ip range.
How can I add new device? 

You don't need to add devices manually. Mineitor is fully automated and should find your miners automatically. if you have a large network or many devices in your Farm it may take a few minutes for first time.

But if your miners in other range or network than the machine you installed Mineitor then you should add other ip ranges in `farm setting` page

Why Mineitor couldn't find my devices? 

This may happen for several reasons. First make sure the Raspberry Pi or PC that runs the controller program, is up and running and is connected to the same local network of your miners and also have active internet access. If your using PC with windows as operating system to run the controller, make sure that windows firewall won't blocking controllers requests.

If your miners  IP is in  a range other than PC itself you need to add IP ranges in farms settings.


You installed Mineitor on a Machine with ip

Your Miners ip address is

It means your miners is in different range . So you need to add IP Subnet

Then if they still are not found, contact us with ticket or live chat. Our support team will check and hopefully resolve the problem as soon as possible. To create a support ticket, Go to your dashboard and click on the Tickets menu on the left sidebar. Or you can submit your request using our Live chat service.

I can see my devices in Mineitor but the data is not showing?

If your devices are found but their data not showing, first check that the selected models are correct, then if you have changed your devices default username and password, make sure you entered correct username and password in device settings. for editing username and password of devices click Edit button in front of the device name. If the problem still persists, contact our support team with creating a support ticket or using live chat service. Our support team quickly will check and fix the problem.

For Microbt WhatsMiner from M20 series and newer you need to Activate WhatsMiner API You can read about how to in Documents.

How can I Enable 2FA for Farm operations?

To enable 2Fa authentication operations you need to be Farm owner ( User who registered the controller ) Please follow the steps below.
1. Install Google Authenticator in your mobile phone from Play Store for Android or App Store for IOS.
Login to your Mineitor dashboard and go to profile page by clicking on avatar icon up corner and then click on your name.

3.Click on Activate Google Authenticator and follow the steps.
4 Go to Farm settings (    ) page of the Farm you want and enable 2FA.

First toggle will enable 2FA for following operations.

Remote Browsing.
Upgrade Firmware.
Change device setting including pool and freq.
The second toggle will enable 2FA for Automated Actions.