Alerts and Automated Action

Alerts and Automated Action management


Mineitor Allows you to create your notifications and alerts based on your own needs.

To do that follow the instructions blow:

Create Alerts:

To crate new alerts go to Schedules page by clicking on  .in side menu. There is two steps:

1.Create Action:

The first step is to to create a trigger action which defines when and under which condition the notification triggers 

To add a new trigger Action click on   in  Schedules page. 
In the popup select your desired type of alert from available options. currently there is 3 types available

  • Telegram Alert

  • Notification Alert

  • SMS Alert ( Only Available for specific countries . contact us for more info) 

Type any name you want in the second field for trigger action

The Name in Action will be send to you in alert so select a name that makes sense when you receive the alert!

For the Trigger data select witch type of data you want to Mineitor on each execution of this action. you can choose from 3 available options:

  • Fan RPM (Device Fan Speed)

  • Device Temperature ( Average Temperature of device )

  • Hash Rate

Now select condition of your choice . and the conditional value for relative data.
e.g. if you want to get alert when Hashrate is lower than 18TH.
1. Select Device Hashrate for trigger data.
2. Select lower Than (  ) from condition .

3. Type 18 in value input field.

2.Create job:

A job is responsible for execution time intervals for given devices and trigger actions.

The Second step is to to create a job that executes actions on timely intervals for the devices you select.

To add a new job click on   in  Schedules page.
Type any name you want in the name field for job. e.g. "Every minute Ebang E10.1 Alerts"

In the Job Timing section select execution interval for this job. e.g. every 1 minute

Select the devices that you want for this job by clicking on Add/Remove  ()

And Finally select trigger actions you want to be triggered with the jobs conditions.

e.g. If you want to create alert for ebang e10.1 devices which checks every minute for Temperature and Hashrate do following steps.

1.Create trigger actions. instruction is available here.

2.Create a new job like following example in image.

How can I Link my telegram account:

Telegram accounts is configurable for each farm. this means you need to add your telegram account for each farm. to do that go to Farm Setting page.

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I can't get notifications but configured actions and jobs correct :

To be able receive push notifications you need to register push notification in your device .

To register for push notifications from your device (mobile or pc) go to dashboard page and click on activate push notifications on this device. on top of page.