Automatic Tuning Firmware

Boost Your Miner NOW

Performance Boost and Overclocking 

  • 70 TH/s with stock Frimeware
  • 95 TH/s - 4100 watt with Mineitor-Vnish

Overclocking: Increase hash power of your miner up to 60-70% based on model with Mineitor-Vnish Firmware. Improve your devices profit.

Auto Chip Tuning: All chips will get auto tuned and set best possible voltage and frequency. This will Increase miner's Lifetime and reduce HW errors. 

Immersion Cooling Support: directly disable fan control and use your miner with Immersion cooling systems ( i.e. Water cooling)

Energy Saving: Decrease power consummation up to 15% with optimized algorithm , Or Change Current Profile to lower usage mode. 

Multi predefined Profiles : ready to use profiles than you can switch between to chose your best fit combination for power usage and profit. 

Automatic Profile Switching : depending on the temperature automatically set best profile for maximum profitability without the risk of equipment overheating

Wattmeter : Watch how much your device is using in watts.

LED indicator: Find your miner easily in your farm by just pressing a button

Sleep Mode: Stop mining and drop fans speed  to minimal for the moments that you don't want to mine with a click.

Automatic Sleep Mode: when the Internet is disconnected or pools suddenly are not available for miner automatically turns sleep mode on.

Free Monitoring Service: with Mineitor-Vnish Firmware you can use Mineitor Free without any charges. Full 24Hour*7Day support 

For Each Device in your farm that is using Our Firmware you Get 2 Free device Subscription for Mineitor.

Price And Cost

Firmware Fee:  2,8% for 17,17+ and 1,8% for other supported models
Mineitor Service:  Free for devices with firmware +1 for others.

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Details and supported Models