Widgets on Mineitor

To increase accessibility convenience, Mineitor provides a feature to create a customized dashboard, which helps users to choose what they want to get the desired data in a useful way. There are different widgets available to create a customized dashboard to easily monitor all the data that you want. which is very useful to use on a big screen and monitoring wall.

To add widgets navigate to the widgets page by clicking on widgets  from the side menu, and clicking on the   button on the right corner of the page. You can see the widgets currently exist on the bottom.

Widgets on Mineitor

Farm graphs: 

By clicking on the farm graphs, in the pop-up menu, you can choose your desired farm to add their information on the widgets page. These widgets display multiple graphs for average hashrate, temperature, Maximum temperature, and Active devices.

Farm graphs

Inorder to see the Farm's environmental temperature and humidity, you have to install sensors, and set up the controller with Raspberry Pi.

Pool data:

By clicking on the Pool data, in the pop-up menu, you can choose previously connected Pools to see them. If you haven't added Pool before, select Add new pool and click to add. 
In the created widget you can connect your pools. For more information about how to connect pools read this article: How to Connect your Pools to Mineitor 

Pool data widgets


If you choose alerts, you can see all the alerts and notifications live. You can filter alerts by clicking on each state: Warning, Error, Info, success.

miner Alerts widgets

You can Remove the alerts, or see the device's information by clicking on the Detail button in front of each alert.

Brands/Models chart:

This widget will show the brand distribution of your active miners on your farm. 

Brands/Models chart

By clicking on each brand, you can see the model.

Device states chart:

This widget will show the graph of states of your active miners, you can see device Status as low hashrate, normal, overheated, and disconnected.

Device states chart

Overheated Devices, Low hashrate devices, Zero hashrate devices, Disconnected devices:

These widgets will show the list of related device states. you can change the default values of each state. For example, overheated values can be defined for each device, and you manage them from the device list. read this article for more information. 

hashrate widgets

Hashrate based on brands, Hashrate based on models:

You can select your desired report from the widgets page and monitor them on your big screen or monitoring wall.

This will increase accessibility, convenience, and the ability to manage miners quickly, resulting in less time wasted and greater profits.

miner hashrate widgets

  • These lists update automatically every 10 minutes. 

  • By clicking on any device, you will see the device information.

mining farm management

  •  You can remove widgets you want by clicking on button on the right corner of the page. Also, you can move and resize them by and buttons.

  • The changes you make to this page will be only applied to your current browser, so you can have a different setup on each browser you use.

Note that: The widgets page is in the beta version, you may experience some issues interacting with widgets. Try refreshing the page when that happens.

Mehri Yamini
January 2022