Pool Lock

To increase security Mineitor provides an anti-theft feature that helps farm owners prevent unwanted Pool changes.

The Pool Lock feature prevents malwares, viruses, or hackers to change Pool address or worker ID of your miners. Also, the technicians can not change the Pool address without coordination with the owner of the farm.

If you lock the pool settings for your farm, Mineitor won't allow the pool settings of the devices to be changed except through Mineitor's panel, by reverting back to settings before changes.

You will get a notification of any changes.

Keep in mind that after enabling this feature only change the pool settings of your miners from Mineitor's panel and changing the pool settings from the miner's own web panel will not work until you turn this feature off again.

In order to lock your farms, In your dashboard click on the  icon on the top left side of the farm part in the dashboard. It will change to  icon.

pool lockClick Lock/Unlock.

It may take several minutes to lock gets activated or deactivated.

Mehri Yamini
January 2022