Installing Mineitor on Linux Ubuntu

For running the Mineitor controller app on your farm, You should place a computer or laptop on your farm and connect it to your farm's local network (same as your miners).

Before you start, download one of the ubuntu version iso: (You can install both on desktop or server)

Ubuntu server image(iso): Direct Link From ubuntu website: Download Now

Ubuntu desktop image(iso): Direct Link From ubuntu website:Download Now

You can follow the installation tutorial from the ubuntu site:

Ubuntu server install tutorial
Ubuntu desktop install tutorial

  • Execute the following command which will automatically run the installation of Mineitor client applications and their dependencies.

  • Note that you will need root access to install Mineitor.

  • Check if an internet connection is available then open the terminal and execute the following command:

# sudo su -c "bash <(wget -qO-" root

Installing Mineitor on Linux Ubuntu

- You will see the above output in the picture when you execute this command.

Once the installation is finished reboot the system.

Registering device on Mineitor

  •  Go to Mineitor Dashboard, click on `Personal Computer (PC)`

Register device on Mineitor

  • Click on `I have installed`

  • Now you should find the IP address of your computer. You can find the IP address of the controller with the following command in the terminal or you can find the IP address from your router's web panel or an IP scanner application.

#  ip addr show

  • After finding the IP address of the Ubuntu, open this URL in your browser: 

    http://ipaddress-of-controller(Ubuntu)  / to get the serial number.

IP address of the Ubuntu,v

  • Copy the displayed serial number get back to the website and submit it in the application registering form displayed in the following picture.

  • Now, wait for the controller to connect to Your Mineitor dashboard.

  • And now you have to register the farms

Mehri Yamini
January 2022