How to Change miner's Frequency


Asic miners have a processing power that is adjustable according to the frequency of the processor. Only a few miner models and brands support frequency changes. Mineitor provides the ability to easily change the frequency of multiple miners in one action.

For changing the miner's frequency you have to navigate to the  page from the menu.

First, filter the devices you want to change their frequency and select them. then click on the frequency button on the top of the table:

In the opening pop-up menu, you can select the miner brand you want to change its frequency, and check the brand box. 

change frequency of miners

  • After changing, there will be an   icon beside the devices. This means that the config is being sent to the miner and it takes time for the changes to take effect. and it will be changed later.

    -If it turns to  icon means that the configuration has been failed.     

        -If it turns to  icon means that the configuration is successful. 

Mehri Yamini
January 2022