How Mineitor Works

    Mineitor is an ASIC farm remote management, control, and monitoring platform that offers you different monitoring and control options with any ASIC mining device. Mineitor is appropriate for both small mining operations and farms as it offers all necessary software and features that fit any individual needs.

    What are the main features and benefits of Mineitor?

    • Remote monitoring of ASIC miners

    • View all data and information of miners

    • Workers list page with all the details, different filtering options for quicker troubleshooting, and bulk actions

    • Easily change pool addresses and apply configurations and changes on devices remotely

    • Batch configurations and actions

    • Get notifications and alerts

    • Historical charts for hashrates and temperatures of each device and also the whole farm

    • History and log of all configs applied to devices

    • Pool profit and information in your dashboard

    • Profit and Balance monitoring for your favorite pools and wallets
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          Mineitor's application is made up of two parts: Client and Server

          Client controller application :

          In order to run and connect to Mineitor's server, Client controller application should be installed. : At first, it automatically scans the network and detects the miners.

          The data from the miners is then read and sent to our servers, receives orders from the servers, and puts them into action. It should be installed in the local network farm. And always be running. 

          For running the Mineitor controller program on your farm, you could either use a PC or a Raspberry Pi board.

          windows logoUbuntu logo

          Using a personal computer (PC)

          •  You need to put a computer or laptop on your farm and connect it to your farm's local network.

          • With this method, you will only be able to monitor and control your miners and won't be able to monitor the farm's environment temperature, humidity, and fire detection.

          • Supported operating systems: Windows & Ubuntu

            Installing Mineitor on windows

            Installing Mineitor on Linux Ubuntu

          Raspberry Pi

          Using Raspberry Pi or Orange Pi 

          •  You can use Raspberry Pi or Orange Pi boards to run the Mineitor controller.

          •  Cheaper than a computer or laptop

          •  With this method, you will also be able to monitor the farm's environment's temperature, humidity, and fire detection.

          • Supported operating systems: Raspberry Pi: Raspbian os               Orange Pi: Debian

          Setting up Controller with Raspberry Pi

          Mehri Yamini
          January 2022