Getting Started With Mineitor

                                                                                  Mineitor is a Tool for Managing & Monitoring ASIC mining Farms

                                                                                  Get started in a few simple steps:


                                                                                    First, you’ll need to go here: 

                                                                                    and click on

                                                                                  mineitor sign up
                                                                                    Then click on
                                                                                  register on mineitor

                                                                                  • Enter your email and password

                                                                                  • check your time zone if it is correct

                                                                                  • Enter the Referral code if you have. *Optional Referral code is the code that your friend gives you for registering to get a 10% discount for the first purchase) .

                                                                                  • Click on the

                                                                                  register in mineitor

                                                                                  You will get an activation email. Check your Email and press the

                                                                                  crypto mining monitoring software
                                                                                  Now,  you can enter your email and password to log in.
                                                                                  congrats! YOU SUCCESSFULLY REGISTERED.
                                                                                  Mehri Yamini
                                                                                  January 2022