Easy Access and Management of Miner's Location

Mineitor provides us with the ability to visualize the farm's site map and locations and receive a quick overview of your entire mining activity on a single screen. This allows you to quickly locate miners in large farms and diagnose any alarms, problems, or other issues that may arise.

Mineitor's heatmap features:

  • visualize shelves hashrate

  • Visualize shelves temperature

  • Export to PDF

  • Ability to display by Hashrate, Temperature, IP address, and Mac Address

To open and view sections, navigate to the Farms page by clicking on   from the side menu.

Now click on the   button of the farm you want to Manage Locations.

Create Sections:

To manage the miner's location, first, you have to define sections. the section defines the physical location of each miner. and also you can divide the farms into multiple sections and shelves. To create Sections click on   
A new popup will open. type the name of section and description e.g. test

miner monitor

Click Save. For more operation on the devices click on the  button and edit device list to edit devices or add devices.

 Management of Miner's Location
Click Add devices, now Select Devices Related to the section, and click  .

crypto mining management software

Now Click Save. Later after we created the shelves for this section we can update positions for devices.

Create shelves:

         To create shelves in sections page click  in front of the section. then click on.

Manage Miner's Location

        Define each of the available shelves in the section. Name - Row - Column
       The above example in the picture will create the following structure:

Easy Access to miners
         Click submit to save.

Set The Location of Miners:

Now If you Configured Sections and Shelves the final step is to select the position for each Miner. To do this there are 2 ways:
   1. From Devices Page
   2. From Section Page
  From Devices Page:
    Go To the devices page and find the device which you want to set the Location. click on  in front of the device and choose from the menu.
    Go through the wizard and select the specific location you want.
 From Section Page:
   Go To the Section page and find the section in which you want to set the location of devices. click on   in front of the section and choose  from the menu. In the devices list in front of each device, there is a location button. by clicking the Location button you can choose the location for that device. After setting the location the button changes to green. You can edit it later from here.

                              Get Heat Map view:

                              To be able to see the Heat Map of Your devices you need to fully set the location and position of devices. Please take look at the above steps to configure Locations. Now if your shelves and locations are configured go to the section page and find the section which you want to view the shelves heat map. click on   in front of the section and choose  from the menu.

                              - You can switch between heatmap of the shelves of the selected section.

                              Get Heat Map view of miners

                              * You can filter the shelves view by Hashrate, Temperature, IP address, and Mac Address
                              * You can export to the PDf file here
                              * The color of each device shows its temperature
                              * If you click on each device, you can see the device information

                              crypto mining monitor app

                              Mehri Yamini
                              January 2022