Alerts in Mineitor

Mineitor, the mining farm monitoring software goal is to make it easier for farm owners to manage their miners. The ability to quickly identify and resolve problems in their miners.

Mineitor will send Alerts and Notifications if anything happens on your bitcoin mining farm and also customize how and when to get notified.

Some notifications are sent automatically by the Mineitor application, so there is no need to create a schedule to receive them.

To set which type of alerts and notifications you want to receive go to the profile page by clicking on the user icon on the top right corner of the page. Then click your Email.

profile page

Scroll down to the Notification Setting section and Activate or deactivate different alerts and notifications you want to receive.

Alerts in Mineitor

  • Login alerts: You will be notified when someone login to your account. 

  • New Miner: You will be notified once a new miner is detected.

  • Connect/Disconnect: When a miner is connected or disconnected, you will be notified.

  • Pool changed: Any changes in the Pool of miners will create an alert if it is not done through Mineitor's panel. However, it will be notified if the Pool is changed directly from the web panel.

  • State Changes: Mineitor By default detects the device's current working state. State changes of miners as, normal/low hashrate/overheated will be notified.  

    You can change the default expected values of different models. e.g. you can add the expected over-heated range for each model. you can read more from here.

  • Location changes: Location changes as section, shelves...will be notified.

notification in mineitor

  • Configuration: New configurations, as well as their failure or succession, will be reported.

  • Schedules: New schedule / Delete schedule and their edits will be notified.

  • Remote Browser: Any login to the miner's web panel through Mineitor's remote browser feature will be alerted to you.

  • Maintenance: You will be notified if a new task is added to the Maintenance section, as well as any changes to Task operations.

Furthermore, some types of notifications can be manually defined. Mineitor Allows you to create your notifications and alerts based on your own needs. different alerts in terms of temperature, hashrate, and fan speed for different groups, brands, and models of miners for different modes to be sent.

After you create the schedules from schedule page. This is where you'll find all of the alerts you've made using Schedule. They can be seen here until they have been resolved.

To reach this page, navigate to Schedule Alerts by clicking on  in side menu.

schedule page

  • It can be filtered by Farms and Sections

From the Action part by clicking on  , there will be 3 options:

 : Click this, If the problem is resolved.

 : Click this, If the problem is not resolved. and choose a responsible user to manage the issue.

  : Here you can access to Device Quick View menu. and get some overall information.

Device Quick View fBy clicking on MORE INFO, you can get more detailed information.

Mehri Yamini
January 2022