Vnish-Mineitor Firmware

Vnish is a custom firmware for ASIC miners. All firmware has been tested for a long time before being uploaded for download and compared to the stock BITMAIN firmware.

It has a huge functionality that allows you to quickly and efficiently manage your ASICs and allows you to increase the profitability of equipment up to 50%.

Vnish team develops firmware for Antminer S17+ T17+ S17 S17pro T17 S9 S9i S9j T9+ L3+ L3++ Models. In the process of developing firmware for Antminer S19(all models) T19 and also for Whatsminer, Innosilicon, Avalon.

Mineitor and Vnish are working together to help customers to manage several miners in batch mode. You can see all brands in one place, grouped together, and apply various settings and configurations in a more secure way.

The most significant advantage of using this feature is that your Mineitor subscription will be free.

For each device in your farm that is using Our Firmware, you will get two free device Subscriptions for Mineitor.

Furthermore, the price of your firmware Fee will be lower than other firmware.

      Firmware Fee:  2,8% for 17,17+ and 1,8% for other supported models

Main features of Mineitor-Vnish firmware:

Overclocking: Increase the hash power of your miner up to 60-70% based on the model with Mineitor-Vnish Firmware. Improve your device's profit.

Auto Chip Tuning: All chips will get auto-tuned and set the best possible voltage and frequency. This will Increase the miner's Lifetime and reduce HW errors. 

Immersion Cooling Support: directly disable fan control and use your miner with Immersion cooling systems (i.e., Water cooling).

Energy Saving: Decrease power consummation up to 15% with an optimized algorithm, Or Change the Current Profile to lower usage mode. 

Multi predefined Profiles: ready-to-use profiles that you can switch between to choose your best fit combination for power usage and profit. 

Automatic Profile Switching: depending on the temperature automatically set the best profile for maximum profitability without the risk of equipment overheating.

Wattmeter: Watch how much your device is using in watts.

LED indicator: Find your miner easily on your farm by just pressing a button.

Sleep Mode: Stop mining and drop the fan's speed to minimal for the moments that you don't want to mine with a click.

Automatic Sleep Mode: When the Internet is disconnected or pools suddenly are not available, the miner automatically turns sleep mode on.

Free Monitoring Service: with Mineitor-Vnish Firmware you can use Mineitor Free without any charges. Full 24Hour*7Day support 

Vnish-Mineitor firmware is like other Vnish based firmware like Nicehash,, Bittech. etc. with the same features. We will support you to use the firmware and configure your mining devices.

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Mehri Yamini
February 2022