Compare Mineitor vs. Minerstat and Awesome Miner

Mineitor is an all-in-one solution for the remote monitoring and management of mining farms.

Mineitor Minertstat Awsome Miner

Remote Browser

Access to miner’s web panel remotely

Advanced analytics and statics

Manage workflow and Maintenance

Track Maintenance of device and Automate Maintenance requests

monitoring wall and custom dashboard


Pool lock

Batch configs


Custom automatic action when a critical event occurs
E-mail / Telegram notifications
SMS notifications

Limited to 10-60 SMS notifications per month
Multi-user access
Limited to 5 users for every 100 workers
Use as a manager's fee or to change mining profile at a certain time

Customers management

Heat Map view

Compare software and pricing


MineitorMinterstatAwesome Miner
Web dashboard
for monitoring and management
Support for ASIC miners
Support for GPU miners rigs

Supported operation systems

Windows and Linux and Raspberry Pi

Windows and Linux
Windows and Linux

Supported ASIC miners

Ebang / Bitmain Antminer/ Whatsminer / InnoSilicon  / Canaan Avalon/ Cheetah Miner / Dragon Mint / Bitfily / Braiins OS / Todek / PandaMiner / Baikal / StrongU / Lovecore / Goldshell
Bitmain Antminer / Innosilicon / Dayun / CanaanAvalon /  Cheetah Miner / Ebang / Fusionsilicon / Obelisk / Spondoolies / StrongU / Whatsminer / Aisen / Toddminer
 Aisen / Baikal / Bitmain Antminer / Blackminer / Dayun / Canaan Avalon / FusionSilicon / Futurebit / GekkoScience / Goldshell / Halong DragonMint / Hyperbit / IBeLink / Innosilicon / MicroBT Whatsminer / Obelisk / OwMiner / PinIdea / Spondoolies / StrongU

Mobile App
for monitoring


Free Trial
1Month unlimited full feature
21day for 5 miners only
Only for 1 miner
Costs per device monthly
0.6 $
1.6 $2 $


Mehri Yamini
February 2022